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BURNING or BOOMING: Is Your Business Ready to Re-Enter the Atmosphere

If your business (or the company you work for) was negatively affected by the pandemic, chances are things are picking back up.

Seeing signs of life can feel great, but being ‘busy’ isn’t always a sign that everything is sunshine and rainbows.

Most businesses that operated semi-responsibly during the pandemic are likely sitting on more cash than they were in early 2020 – mostly because they’ve been running ultra-lean and the Paycheck Protection Program and EIDL loans/grants have produced enormous amounts of positive cashflow, not to mention a variety of tax benefits.

YAY! The storm is over and it’s back to business as usual, right?!?!

Well… maybe.

Businesses grow, live, and die by their leadership and management teams & systems. In the past 12-14 months, many businesses (and entire industries) have effectively suspended or drastically changed their operations. Some businesses hibernated, waiting for the storm surge to recede, others found ways to generate revenue and stay afloat, and some even thrived.

As things pick back up, each and every businesses’ staff and systems will be pushed to the limit. If you haven’t already seen or heard anyone referencing it… I’d be willing to bet that the use of the word “overwhelmed” is up 1000+% on all social media outlets since February 2021.

Covid-19 was a catalyst for change on many fronts. For this piece, I’d like to draw attention to the psychological and habitual changes that occur when a traumatic event takes away someone’s career or livelihood for more than a year. Whether or not Americans that lost their jobs were lucky enough to find gainful employment quickly or not – they all had more time on their hands than they were previously used to… Time spent doing some very predictable things…

Time for family.
Time to think.
Time to assess.
Time for reflection.
Time to try new things.

More time for family.
More time to think.
More time to assess.
More time for reflection.
More time to try new things.

Finally, one might have the time (and confidence) to decide to take a leap of faith – and abandon the industry or career they had before the world changed forever.

So how is this related to an article about BURNING UP or BOOMING?

You see… the businesses that are still around are changed forever. Besides the chaos of new hires and turnover, the existing staff that survived the pandemic are also changed forever. These are the brave souls that believe in their industry…they believe in their employers and are some of the ones that stayed in lock-step doing the work of entire teams.

Those that survived are waiting quietly, patiently, for their leaders to prove their worth, and boldly reinforce the reasons why their hearts told them to hang in there.

After being out-of-sight and out-of-mind while orbiting the earth for the last 14 months, many businesses (and their leadership teams) are forcefully re-entering the atmosphere. The question is…Is your business (or the company you work for) on the right track to fight your way through invisible opposing forces, stick the landing, and re-plant your flag?? OR will you burn up on re-entry, and forever be an echo for the interwebs?

Now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for… The KEY! I’m giving you the answers before the teacher hands out the test. This assessment / checklist is EXACTLY what you need to make sure you’re doing EVERY SINGLE THING you need to be right now…all the things to light a brush-fire of confidence amongst your team – and reinforce why you’re in the position you are in the first place.

Are you ready to see how your company stacks up?

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