I am Matt Radicelli.

I am a Serial Entrepreneur, Keynote Presenter,
Executive Coach, Business Consultant,
Event Producer, DJ, and most importantly…
the best Dad and Husband I can be.

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I’m a Cleveland Ohio Business Coach and I’ve worked hard all my life… but I’m just getting started.

I’ve built, bought, and sold companies with five, six, and seven figure transactions. ALWAYS Hustling. In other words, I dedicate my time to staying busy AND having fun. I keep my priorities straight… Above all, it’s family first. Period.


This is me. I’m a 42-year-old, semi-retired ‘Dadtrepreneur’. My personal mission statement is ‘Stay Busy and Have Fun’. In the same vein, passion drives everything that I do.


years of experience


lifetime revenue generated

*Calculated by adding up all revenues from businesses I’ve actively  owned/controlled.

*Does not include my paper route and mowing grass for my neighbors in middle school.



Being a Cleveland Ohio Business Coach isn‘t the only think i’m good at… for instance:


Firstly, Design is at the core of everything I create. Whether it’s a simple graphics and branding package or a complex mechanical project, I love creating elegant solutions.

Fractional Executive

In addition, if you need a short-term or part-time solution for a C-Level position – CEO, COO, CFO, CMO…I can help.

Web Development

I’ve successfully designed, developed, and managed more than 25 web projects. I “get it”. Whether we’re on our own or working with a team, I’m ready to assist.

Cleveland Ohio Business Coach (and I travel!)

I believe the key to happiness and success is to “Grow People, Not Things.”  I’m happy when I’m helping people grow… and even happier when I’m helping people grow other people.

Keynote Presenter

With options varying from pre-prepared to fully customized, my keynote presentations and workshops are fast-paced, informative, and entertaining. In other words, if you’re looking for a boring presenter to put your audience to sleep with no actionable takeaways or excitement, don’t hire me.

Headlining Emcee and DJ

Not only can I rock a mic on stage, but I can rock a pair of turntables and a crowd. No Joke. I can hang with the best of them.  Have turntables, will travel.

Data Analyst

Give me a pile of data, and I will use a variety of methods and tools to simplify your information into what’s most important… beautiful charts, graphs, and summaries that give you the information you need to make decision-making easy.

Process & Efficiency Advisor

Structure and process are the keys to consistency and quality. Let me show you how to start the journey, or finish the race when it comes to making process a true part of your company’s fiber.

Project Manager

Lastly, If you need someone to motivate and manage your team, or build an all-star team to complete a task or project, I have decades of experience.

Most importantly, we should connect! Have a fun project to chat about? Or maybe you have a need for an Executive Coach or Consultant? Use this form to get in touch!

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